Computer Use with Baby


Without a doubt, having to care for the baby for about 50% of the time has cut down on my computer time.

Today, however, I have been experimenting with lulling him to sleep on a Boppy pillow in between me and the laptop while I browse Reddit or something.

Sebastian’s breastfeeding woes


Sebastian was born on Friday night. On Monday, we took him into the pediatrician for his first visit, and he had lost 10% of his body weight. (Born 7lbs 9oz, went down to 6lbs 12oz).

This was concerning, and indicated that he wasn’t getting enough breast milk. Throughout the first few nights, he was fussy every 15 minutes or so, and we barely got any sleep. The pediatrician (Dr. Janet Ma) recommended that Mary immediately start using the breast pump, measuring both the pumping output, and the drank milk. Quantify, quantify, quantify.

Obviously we were frantic. We went home and I tore the breast pump out of the packaging. I’ve never read the manual for a piece of electronics that quickly before.

After getting it set up, Mary pumped 100mL out of her left breast, and 2mL out of her right. Her breasts were very engorged and painful. We immediately fed Sebastian 7mL, and then 20mL an hour later. Then he chilled out and slept like he’s never slept before. He was literally starving to death the first few days of his life, and this was the first square meal he’d ever gotten.

We continued to marathon feed Sebastian and pump Mary for the next 18 hours.

We had a followup appointment the next day at 11AM. Dr. Ma came into the office specifically to see our baby, so I guess she was as concerned as we were. Thankfully, he had regained a lot of weight and was back at 7lbs 1oz.

And then Mary and I both thanked Jesus. And then I took it back because I believe in Science.

The baby dropped: part 2

So, the baby had previously dropped, but either he has dropped even more or has shifted positions or something because I AM NO LONGER HAPPY ABOUT IT! When the baby first dropped I got really excited and eager for labor to begin. Now I’m dreading it. I really wanted to try giving birth naturally, but honestly, given how I feel at the moment I wouldn’t be surprised if I walk into the hospital and demand an epidural right away. Before, I just had this nonstop constipated feeling but found it easier to breath. Nothing new right? Everyone knows what constipation feels like and therefore knows how to work with it or at least keep calm and go about life as usual. Now, the pressure has shifted forward. Not only that, but it has evolved into pain. It’s not unbearable, but it’s extremely unpleasant. Basically my upper left leg and the front panty area is killing me. I look even more ridiculous when I move now (didn’t even think that was possible). To minimize the pain I’m shuffling my feet and leaning forward slightly in addition to waddling. Tommy even laughed at me last night. If I were him I’d laugh at me too.

Also, wiping after using the bathroom is now basically impossible. Because of a giant tummy and pains in my lower area, I can’t twist and lean the way I used to. I might as well just shower every time I use the toilet. I thought I lived in the bathroom before this happened. Boy was I wrong. This is one of those things that no one told me about before I was pregnant. This and heartburn. Now in addition to worrying about labor pains, I’m also worried about not being able to wipe my own butt during the process as well. I’ve heard that nurses and doctors have seen it all and by the time you’re in labor you just don’t care and want the baby out. Well I’m not in labor yet so unfortunately I do care.


Waiting is so hard!

I’m due with my first baby in less than two weeks, and I’m tired of being pregnant. Not for the usual physical reasons either. While I’m a blob, smell funny, and have to get out of bed multiple times to pee, I’ve had an uncomplicated pregnancy and have been relatively active. So the physical aspect hasn’t been as bad as I imagined. I think the weather has really helped though. It has started to cool off at night so I’ve been sleeping way better and therefore been in a better mood/ more able to cope with the physical aspects of pregnancy.

What I don’t know how to deal with is the waiting. I’m big on planning and being on time. I enjoy making to-do lists more than actually accomplishing what’s on them. What I can’t handle is not knowing exactly when this baby is coming. Apparently he could show up between now and Thanksgiving during any oddball time of the day or night.

I had a goal to keep the place spotless from 38 weeks on so it would be ready for the baby. Well I’m 38 weeks and 1 day and already I haven’t been sticking to that goal. It’s just not practical. There will always be a bit of dirty laundry or a few crumbs on the floor. That thought alone bothers me. Maybe if I lived alone it might be easier to keep the place clean because I only have to pick up after myself. My husband isn’t extremely messy in theory, but he has a habit of leaving used cups in his man cave and dropping used clothes in all sorts of random locations. Then he has the nerve to get mad at me when the vacuum is left out just one time. I’ll save that story for another time.

While I can physically keep myself occupied, mentally I’m a wreck. I can’t focus on anything in particular, so I try to think of a gazillion things at once and give myself a headache. It hasn’t helped that the mommies in my online group have started to have their babies early. While I am excited to meet my baby, I have to get him out first. I am NOT looking forward to that at all. That’s another thing I don’t know. I don’t know how I’ll feel, how long it will last, etc. It sucks and makes me a nervous wreck which is counter productive. The tension will make any pain worse. I’m hoping that once I’m in active labor and able to count something I’ll at least be able to mentally relax a bit.

Why I’ve been taking raspberry leaf tea & evening primrose oil

*I’m not a doctor! Make sure you speak to your doctor or midwife before trying raspberry leaf tea (rlt) or evening primrose oil (epo)*

In my mommy group some ladies mentioned raspberry leaf tea and evening primrose oil as ways to prepare your body for labor. I had never heard of such things before, so I asked my OB if they were safe. She said yes, though didn’t believe they helped to do much of anything. Still many of the moms who had used rlt and epo during previous pregnancies seemed to think it helped, so I figured I’d try them out.



Well seeing as how I’m 38.5 weeks pregnant, I can’t say whether or not rlt and epo has helped prepare my body for labor and delivery. However, it has already been beneficial to me for two reasons:

  1. I feel like I’m doing something productive so mentally I’m in a better mood
  2. Drinking rlt on a general schedule ensures that I stay hydrated

I’ve heard that both rlt and epo take a bit of time to accumulate in your body, which is why you want to start using them about a month before delivery, rather than just taking a bunch at once at the very end. Again, make sure you get approval from your doctor or midwife first before trying any of this out.

I feel like changes have been happening in terms of contractions and the way my cervix feels, but my OB hasn’t checked on effacement or dilation yet, so I really have no idea if I’m making any progress. Also, this could just be a normal part of pregnancy and have zero to do with the rlt and epo, but again, it makes me feel better. It may be a placebo effect, but it is still an effect of some kind!

Mary can’t wait for the baby

It’s Week 38 and a few days. The baby is due in just over a week. Mary has been antsy. Since she’s done a good job of prepping everything, there’s nothing left to do for her but wait.

She’s just sleeping and complaining a lot. Today she was bored, so she went through her photos to order about 100 prints. She complains about the heat once it’s a hair over 70 degrees, so she’s hot a lot.

Here are the latest things she’s done to prepare for the baby to come:

  • Prepared the hospital suitcase. This is just the suitcase full of clothes, gadgets, etc. to take to the hospital. It’s pre-loaded into the trunk of the car. Therefore it’s all ready for me to “get a pack of cigarettes” and never come back.
  • Started smelling bad again. She posted about her B.O. months ago. It’s come back. She pretty much smells like a homeless man these days.
  • Made a bunch of frozen meals. She read this thing online about making a bunch of frozen meals so she doesn’t have to cook after delivery. Mmm… I’m sure that frozen curry in zip-lock bags will be exactly what I will want to eat.
  • Endured it all with good humor. Actually though, if I was carrying around a huge sack of flesh and couldn’t sleep right, I would be a lot more grumpy than she’s been. She’s even managed to continue to cook meals and keep the apartment clean.

Using the gaming cave


Since we moved to a 1-bedroom, Mary has relegated my gaming rig and all my gadgets to the closet. She claims that since she has set up little shelves above my monitor to hold my controller, she is doing me a favor.

She tells me there is no need to come out of the closet – and the only way to get me out is to cook something. Once I was gaming all day, and I finally came out when I was hungry and I heard her cooking in the kitchen.

Anyways – let’s get to the point of this post. Basically all of the other posts have been about the various things I do for Mary. Let’s talk about doing something for Tommy.

I anticipate that once the baby comes, I will have a lot less free time. That is why I am gaming so hard. I’m clearing out all the titles I have been meaning to play but never completed.

So far I have finished the campaigns of:

  • Starcraft II: Wings of Liberty
  • Starcraft II: Heart of the Swarm

I am currently playing:

  • Dragon Age: Inquisition

And I still need to do:

  • Fallout
  • Fallout 2
  • Fallout 3
  • Fallout: New Vegas

I’ve been gaming really hard. I told Mary I took this Friday off so I could take her to the doctor. But actually, I was also able to get in a ton of gaming the rest of the day.

I don’t think I’ve ever gamed for so many hours per day. Actually I’m not even enjoying it anymore. I just have to do it.

Pregnancy simulator backpack


One day Mary was complaining about being hot and uncomfortable for no good reason. It was 75 degrees or so in the apartment, so it wasn’t excessively hot that day. She said: “If you had a 30 pound hot waterbottle attached, you’d be miserable too.”

Then she suggested: why don’t you give it a shot – fill your CamelBak with hot water and weights and put it on. I said fine. I filled the whole 3L water sack and put in another 12lbs in weights. The whole thing weighed about 18 lbs, and was bottom-heavy.


Mary was so amused by the whole venture, that she jotted down notes on my reaction:

5:45 PM - tommy puts on pack
6:00 - tommy starts complaining, gets pillows
6:10 - tommy starts butterflying legs, complains of crotch pressure
6:20 - tommy keeps shifting positions
6:30 - tommy lays down
6:40 - tommy takes it off

I will admit that it was legitimately and surprisingly uncomfortable. Unlike wearing the backpack on your back, the abdomen is not really designed to bear weight, and the pressure starts hurting fairly quickly.

Mary is watching me type this, and she says that watching me suffer put her in a much better mood that day.

I was also hot, though I think Mary is exaggerating, because if the weight was truly inside me, I would be able to sweat on top of it, and it wouldn’t be so hot.

Now Mary is ordering me to put the backpack back on, and I am declining.

Although I only wore it for 55 minutes, that was enough, since I was able to experience the discomfort. There was no need to continue the experiment and suffer needlessly.

Now she is saying that I should wear the backpack to sleep for a whole night.

I am declining.


The baby dropped!

As in the baby dropped into my pelvis…I didn’t drop my baby. It finally happened when I hit about 36 weeks. Before this , I tried to Google what the process of baby dropping, or “lightening” would feel like. Apparently no one had that answer. All they could say was how they felt before the baby dropped and after. I wanted to know if I could actually feel him as he dropped in my pelvis.

Well maybe a few people can feel it, but I didn’t. Lame.

It was another really hot day in LA. I was sitting on the couch folding laundry in my undies. When I went to stand up to use the bathroom, I noticed that the bottom of my stomach stuck to the top of my thighs. It sucked. It felt just like having your sweaty legs stick to a vinyl seat. At first I thought it was an interesting occurrence, but didn’t read to much into it. When I went to the bathroom I sat on the toilet and had my tummy stick to my legs again. I then noticed that my boobs no longer rested on the top of my tummy the way they used to. I was able to breathe deeply again and even turn around more easily to wipe my stinky bottom. The baby had finally dropped! No wonder I had been feeling like I was constipated mixed with menstrual cramps (nothing too intense, just annoying more than anything).

Of course once the baby dropped I went back on Google to see how soon labor starts after the baby drops. Well for first time moms it can happen weeks beforehand, so unfortunately I’m no closer to pinpointing when the baby will actually decide to arrive. In the meantime, I’ll continue to waddle around and live in the bathroom as I have to pee literally every time I stand up.