Sebastian’s first swim class


We took Sebastian to his first swim class. He was almost 8 months old at the time. It was a Parent and Me swim class.

The pool was super warm: over 80 degrees. Since babies can’t generate much body heat, all the kiddie pools are super warm.

The class was mostly splashing, encouraging them to kick, putting them on their back and stomach, and submerging their mouths.

Maybe subsequent classes will submerge them fully. Sebastian seemed to enjoy it.

Sebastian’s First Road Trip

Road poo

We took Sebastian to visit my parents in Northern California this Independence Day. We live in LA, so we seriously considered flying. After thinking about it though, we realized we would have to either check his carseat, buy an extra plane ticket for his carseat, or buy and install a carseat on the other end.

And then to get to the airport, we would either have to get someone else to drive our car, or park at the airport – and LAX’s parking sucks. So we decided to drive. It’s a 5.5 hour drive on a straight shot, but it realistically took us 7 hours with stops and lunch.

On the way up, he slept a bit, then got quite fussy for an hour or two. He finally fell asleep again on the last stretch.

During the weekend at my parents place, Mary kept hoping Sebastian would poop. She was worried he was hoarding it for the road. And she wanted to see him make a mess at her in-laws place anyways.

It was not to be. He didn’t poop until an hour into the trip home. After that, that was a weight off his shoulders, and the baby slept for 80% of the rest of the trip home.

Excellent road trip, would drive again.

Our newest gadget: The diaper sprayer!

The first question I get asked when cloth diapering is, “How do you clean the poop off?!” Frankly, it was the first question I used to ask cloth diapering families also. A diaper sprayer is basically a hose that you can hook up to your toilet to help spray the poop off of cloth diapers when your baby starts eating solid food. Although breast milk poop may seem like a mustardy, cottage cheesy mess, it’s actually super easy to clean because it is water soluble. Once you introduce solids it becomes a stinky, peanut buttery explosion that will clog up your washing machine or drains. Therefore you should start spraying the poop into the toilet.

20160528_164945I’ve wanted a diaper sprayer since Bash was born, but Tommy always said no. I attempted to use our shower head but had zero success. Only when Tommy had to clean off Bash’s poops did he order me a sprayer. OMG THIS SPRAYER IS AMAZING!!! I was a bit worried that the pressure on the sprayer wouldn’t be powerful enough to get rid of the peanut butter poops. This thing obliterates it! I was extremely happy, not only with the results but with Tommy as well…he is so impressed by this gadget that he actually wants to clean off the poopy diapers!20160528_164941

The one downside at first was the back splash. Because the sprayer is so powerful, it tends to cover you in poopy water. I don’t want to just transfer the poop from the diapers to my clothes. A spray pal was out of our budget after buying the sprayer, so we made our own out of a small trashcan and a binder clip. Tommy drilled some large holes in the bottom of the can so the water could flow out as we sprayed the diaper over the toilet. It works pretty well and solves the back splash issue.

Before my son I thought I would want to wear gloves to change his poopy diapers. I mean, I did that every time at work as a toddler teacher. Now I’m entertained as I blast the poop away with the diaper sprayer. It’s kind of sad, but becoming a parent will do that to you I guess.



Our overbooked day

On Saturday we had plans for my family to come over for dinner. That was it. Since Tommy was home I wanted to go out somewhere with him and the baby. Somewhere I usually wouldn’t go without another adult’s help.

Well, we decided to just go to the park and then to Costco. When we arrived at the park, one of Tommy’s friends invited us to the beach later that afternoon. Tommy quickly replied yes. It was a chance for him to see his friends, I would get to go on a nice car ride, and it would be the baby’s first time at the beach.


Now suddenly every minute of our day was filled with activities. Park, Costco, beach, family dinner.

After Costco, we went home to unload the groceries and prep for the beach. We were supposed to leave at 1 in order to meet up with Tommy’s friends around 2. Well, we didn’t leave our apartment until 2. And of course there was epic traffic along the way. About 10 minutes into the trip we were both pretty upset. No one likes traffic, especially Tommy, and I hate being late. The baby was awake and “singing” at the top of his lungs. I’m really glad I brought the spare bottle of pumped milk with me!


When arrived at the beach at 3, we couldn’t find street parking so we ended up paying $14 to park in the lot. In order to get back home in time we would need to leave by 5PM. Basically we would be driving the same amount of time in traffic as spent at the beach. Tommy was fuming. I was too. But the baby had fallen asleep and we were about to see other people who were probably having a good time and wouldn’t want to be brought down. I said something along the lines of, “We’re here. We’re all safe. It’s done. Let’s just try to enjoy ourselves.”

And we did 🙂

IMG_20160604_203946On the way home we encountered even more traffic, but because we were in good spirits the time seemed to fly by. Bash slept the entire way home. We saw a firetruck and I said I thought being the rear driver would be a cool job. Tommy was amazed that there were 2 drivers! I guess you are never too old to learn something new! We reached home just in time for dinner and the baby was all smiles when my family came over.


It turned out to be a great day.

The baby is escaping now


We’ve long preferred to just allow Sebastian to sleep in our bed – both at nighttime and for naps.

Now this has gotten a lot harder. He is able to crawl off the bed and escape into the floor.

We still let him sleep on the bed, we just have to be extra vigilant and fetch him when he wakes up.

Tommy’s paternity leave

Just go back to work already!

So we are really lucky that Tommy gets a great deal of time off for paternity leave.

However, every time Tommy is off we are usually fighting the first couple of days.

Why? Well because with Tommy it’s like having another child. A messier, whiny-er, and less cute child.

For example, this round of paternity leave, on the first day, Tommy criticized how I was cleaning our cloth diapers. (Because Bash is starting solid foods his poop consistency has changed, so I have to clean his diapers a bit differently now). After the diaper laundry, Tommy complained that he was tired. WTF. Then, he wanted lunch. But he needed something with meat. Not to mention he leaves his socks and dirty cups in random places. Good grief.

So we got into a fight. I was definitely more crabby, and Tommy of course got extra mad because I was a crab. It’s a change in both of our routines, so we need to adjust. We discussed the matter and decided that I would give Tommy specific tasks to be responsible for during his leave. As long as the outcome was good, I wouldn’t harass him on how he accomplished it, and vice versa. Since then everything has been going smoother.

Messy eating


Since Bash has started on solids (Gah, I’m not ready!) I’ve tried to let him be as involved as possible with mealtime. I encourage him to help hold his spoon and bring it to his mouth. This often leads to a huge gooey mess. I hate messes because I have to clean them up, but I think it’s important that Bash be allowed to practice feeding himself and to explore the texture of his food.

My family, Tommy’s family, and most surprisingly Tommy himself, are not fans.

One night Bash finished his solids and was getting grumpy. I asked Tommy to take the baby out of his chair and give him some floor time. Tommy then said, “But he’s dirty!”



In my head I got so mad. No shit he’s dirty. Wash him off. Duh! Kids get dirty. It’s just a fact.

I talked to Tommy about it later and he explained that he has an issue with touching messy food. Suddenly things started to make sense. No wonder he sometimes uses a fork and knife to eat a burger or some pizza.

I definitely have a bit of an ick issue with messy foods, but my love of food outweighs that. Tommy’s doesn’t apparently.

Now more than ever I want to let the baby touch his food. I don’t want him to grow up feeling icky around hot wings, and I hope I can slowly get Tommy to overcome his squeamishness as well. I love hot wings, and they are even better when shared with other people!

Sebastian Goes to the Zoo


A few weeks ago we got an LA Zoo pass and took Sebastian to the zoo. Did he get anything out of it? Probably not.

He did seem to have a good time overall though, even if he did not understand anything. He was asleep for large parts of it. Sebastian wasn’t actually into the animals very much. He was more into the plants.

I think Mary and I had a better time than Sebastian, though I was very tired afterwards. It got us out of the house!

Sebastian bit me

Earlier this week Bash seemed different…less smiley and definitely too quiet. Something was up with him. Then yesterday, he would have random crying outbursts, and I realized he was having bad teething pain. When I looked in his mouth I could see a tooth about to poke out!!! Tommy didn’t believe me of course. (Not sure what it is with the guy never believing the girl. It happens in paranormal movies all of the time. The guy is skeptical and he ends up dying first.)

20160510_101721I gave Bash extra cuddles that day and as many teethers as I could find. Surprisingly, or unsurprisingly actually, he seems to favor the cheapest ones we own. It’s a set of 3 teethers with water inside that can be made cold in the fridge. They are the Bright Starts brand. We found ours at Target but they also have them on Amazon and all of the big chain stores I’m sure. The only downside is that I often forget to bring them with me when we are out, so wearing a teething necklace has been a big help. Then Bash can chew the necklace as I carry him rather than my shirt or the straps of his carrier.

This morning, Bash was much happier when he woke up, though still a bit quiet. After story time at the library I started to feed him when the little douche bit me! I’m sure many of you are familiar with the “Charlie bit me” clip on YouTube ( It literally happened like that. Too bad it was my boob and not my finger. And for the record, new baby teeth are razor sharp. Sharper than adult teeth which have been dulled by all of the delicious food we eat. I removed Bash from the boob and said, “No! Biting hurts Mommy.” We then went to get some groceries. He seemed calm but alert and a bit playful. I caught him watching me on multiple occasions, and honestly I saw a new look on his face. It seemed as if he finally understood something. Bash is almost 6 months so maybe some new things are clicking in his brain from a growth spurt. Anyway, we had a good time bonding and shopping for snacks for Mommy.

When we got home I reoffered the feeding and there was no biting! At this point either the teething pain had gone or Bash was hungry enough to just suck and not mess around. In any case, he drank his fill and then fell asleep for a long nap. I even caught a bit of a snooze as well!

How my husband saved my first Mother’s Day


I love holidays. I always have. Probably because gifts are often involved and lots of good food that I normally would not get to eat. I build things up so much in my head that I usually get upset when things don’t go my way.

My first Mother’s Day was sure to be a disappointment. I wanted an awesome gift from my “son,” a magazine worthy picture of him and I, breakfast in bed, the apartment to be magically spotless, a massage, sleep, and to look the way I did before I had a baby. In all honesty, I had the opportunity to have each and every one of those things except for looking the way I did before the baby (that would take too much work and I don’t care enough to put in the money or effort). Tommy was willing to make it all possible, and yet I was a crab. I’m not sure why. Part of it must be hormones, another part is my unfortunate perfectionist personality. I also think I wanted Tommy to just know that I wanted these things. But instead my morning was ruined because he asked me what I wanted. I know it makes no sense. I guess sometimes I just want to be surprised, and if people ask what I want then a) it’s not a surprise and b) I feel guilty for accepting anything.

Some of the things that went “wrong”:

  • I had Tommy help me stamp the baby’s foot onto paper to make flowers for his two grannies. And I made a spare one for me. Well one of them didn’t come out so well so I took that one. It looked pretty sad so I didn’t bother to decorate it the way I did for my Mom. No present for me.
  • I didn’t get surprised with breakfast in bed or flowers. I didn’t even get to sleep in until 7 am.
  • My day was filled with chores: diaper laundry, regular laundry, mopping and vacuuming
  • My family was extremely last minute about deciding where and when we would eat for dinner.

Some of the things that went right:

  • While I was in the shower, Tommy kept saying he “enhanced” my set of baby footprints. It sounded worrisome, but when I looked he wrote a very sweet note and added stems and grass. It became my favorite picture out of the three!20160509_093836
  •  Tommy did ask me if I wanted special food for breakfast and offered to let me sleep while he watched the baby. I was too mad because he asked so I said “no.” My fault, not his.
  • Tommy helped me do the chores and the place ended up spotless. He hung the diapers properly (in a way that preserves the elastics…Sounds crazy but if you are a cloth diaper lover I’m sure you understand), took over the vacuuming, and even cleaned the bathroom. All without complaining.
  • He was a sport about hanging out with my family, and he even stayed up late playing games with my sister and I, which made things way more fun.

I learned two things from yesterday. First, I need to stop being such an ungrateful brat. Nothing was wrong about yesterday except for me. My Mom was happy, my family was having a great time playing with the baby, and my son was showering us all with smiles. Second, I have an awesome husband who somehow manages to put up with my crap.

Tommy, thank you for dealing with my crazy mood swings and for making me feel special on my first Mother’s Day and every day. I love you!