Why use cloth diapers: Better for your baby’s bum

(I just noticed that people use a lot of “B” words for that area, “Butt”, “Bottom”, “Bum”, and “Behind.” Maybe the “B” reminds them of butt cheeks?)

Are cloth diapers actually better for your baby than disposables? I personally think this answer is both yes and no.

You should check your baby’s diaper at least every two hours while he or she is awake! This has been a rule at every early childhood center that I have worked for or visited. If you discover that your child has peed or pooped before the two hour mark, then change the diaper (cloth or disposable), even if you are positive the diaper can hold more urine without leaking. In this respect, cloth diapering is better for your baby because the baby feels the wetness and the diaper will probably not be as absorbent as a disposable, sort of holding you accountable to the two hour diaper change rule.

Another argument many people make is that disposable diapers have chemicals in them which aren’t good for your baby. I haven’t researched all of the scientific evidence though so I can’t comment on what chemicals are in disposable diapers and if they put your baby at risk in any way. There are disposable brands such as the Honest Company, Seventh Generation, and Earth’s Best that claim to be free of chlorine, dyes, and other additives.

Ultimately though, it depends on the parent. If you’re the type of parent that uses cloth diapers but doesn’t wash them properly (either by hand or machine), then your baby will probably get a rash and would be better off in disposables. On the other hand, because disposable diapers tend to leave the baby feeling dry for longer, you might be tempted to change your baby’s diaper less often, also encouraging a rash to develop. Personally, I’m lazy when it comes to changing things like the trash bag (Tommy nags me about it all the time. Honestly, if the trash bothers you so much, just take it out yourself!). Anyway, I often won’t do something unless it’s an impending necessity. Will I change my baby’s disposable diaper every two hours even though I know it can last me 4 hours? Maybe, maybe not. Will I hand wash his stash of cloth diapers when I see I only have a few left? You bet I will! I only do laundry when I’m running low on my own underwear, so it only makes sense for me to wash my babies things when his stash gets low as well.

Bottom line: Go with the diapering option that will cause you to put a clean diaper on your baby as often as possible!


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