Easy diy fleece liners for cloth diapers

I purchased a polyester fleece blanket (about 55” x 65”) at the 99 cent store for $2. It was cheap and I liked the colors, but at the time I had absolutely no use for it. It was the middle of summer…probably why these blankets were in the store in the first place. Anyway, when researching cloth diapering I found that many people use fleece liners for a variety of reasons:

  • Fleece helps to wick away moisture, keeping your baby feeling dry, especially if he/she is prone to getting a rash from wetness sensitivity20150915_111900
  • Fleece liners catch most of the poop, helping to reduce staining in your cloth diapers
  • Poop comes off of fleece much easier than than the standard cloth diaper materials
  • Fleece liners can be used to protect your cloth diapers from many popular diaper creams that can stain or cause repelling
  • Fleece liners are reusable

How I made my fleece liners:

  1. I washed the blanket so it wouldn’t shrink after I cut the liners
  2. I cut off the tag and decorative edge20150915_104824
  3. I measured the inside of my diaper cover and the size of a tri-folded/pad folded flat diaper
  4. I made 2 templates out of cardboard (I decided to make two sizes: 12” x 5” and 15” x 5”)
  5. I used a pen to make outlines on the fleece (I tried to maximize the number of liners I could get out of the one blanket)
  6. I cut along my lines with sewing scissors (sharp regular scissors should also work just fine)

From a 55” x 65” fleece blanket I was able to make 20 large liners (15” x 5”) and 22 smaller liners (12” x 5”). That’s 4.5 cents per piece! The great thing about making these liners out of fleece is that there is NO SEWING INVOLVED!!! You just cut the fleece to the desired size and that’s it. The fleece doesn’t fray.


All I need to do now is wash the liners before using them!

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