Help! I’m addicted to buying cloth diapers…

…and my baby is even here yet!

I seriously think I have a problem. I wanted to try cloth diapering to save money. Tommy and I bought the cheapest and most minimalistic style of diapers out there (flats and flour sack towels with solid colored covers). Well fast forward a month or two and here I am scouring cloth diaper co-ops, ebay, and other groups for cute printed diapers. (In my defense, this is still way cheaper than using disposables and I won’t be throwing my diapers away. On the contrary. If you have a large stash of cloth diapers, a.k.a. “fluff,” and take good care of it, you can resell your diapers for at least half of the cost you paid for them. I already try to talk about my wash routine with Tommy though of course he is tired of hearing it. But when it comes time to use these diapers on our second child or resell them, I know he will be silently thanking me in his head.)

Charcoal bamboo (left) and hemp (right) inserts

So I’ve been looking into pocket diapers now because they have thousands of awesome patterns to choose from. They often come with a microfiber insert. Microfiber is great at quickly absorbing urine, but they often have more stink issues, lead to compression leaks, and they can’t be right against your baby’s tush (the fabric will dry out the skin). Sometimes you can buy pockets without inserts or have the insert upgraded to charcoal bamboo or hemp.
Charcoal bamboo inserts are dark in color and have a layer of bamboo on the outside with microfiber on the inside. Bamboo and hemp are more absorbent (though slow to absorb) and safe to use against your baby’s skin, so these inserts are often preferred, though it’s completely up to you. I personally will be avoiding pure microfiber inserts so my family and I don’t get confused about what can and can’t touch the baby. Many of the co-ops and Facebook fluff groups I’ve come across will sell pocket diapers without inserts. I try to buy from them since it’s often cheaper and I have enough inserts for now I think (15 hemp and 12 charcoal bamboo) to use with just the pockets. I still have 12 flat diapers and 12 flour sack towels which you can also fold and stuff in the pockets if you like.

I’m sure Tommy will flip his lid when he finds out that we have triple the diaper stash that we started out with. Actually, as soon as he proofreads this he will start choking on the pastry he has in his mouth, but that’s fine. I used my “mad money” (we each have a small allowance to spend on whatever personal things we want) so really he has no grounds to complain. Honestly, I like to shop. Since I feel like a beached whale and my due date is in 6 weeks, there’s really no point in buying clothes for myself. Let me have my fun and get cute diapers for my son.

I can’t wait to use these and more are on the way! I really do have a problem…

5 thoughts on “Help! I’m addicted to buying cloth diapers…

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