I finally fell

I actually wasn’t worried that I would fall during pregnancy. I’m pretty good about listening to my body and knowing how much physical stress I can and can’t take. I mean I’m a klutz, but I’ve always been able to catch myself.

But my mom kept nagging me about watching where I walk. So it finally happened, I fell. I think she must have jinxed me. Thankfully I fell in an area with no furniture. Still I was a bit shaken up after. Probably because it was sudden and seemed random.

I was just walking from the kitchen to the living room when my right ankle rolled for whatever reason, though suddenly having a big belly and feeling tired doesn’t help. I fell forward, landing on my left knee and slamming my right hand down. Normally I feel like it would have been better to land on the flat of my arm, rather than just on my hand which is bad for my wrist. I didn’t twist or make any weird movements to try to prevent my fall like I usually would. I just went fast and apparently did whatever I could to protect my stomach area. Maybe it was luck and I’m making too much out of it, but I really think if we are in tune with our bodies then we will do what is best. Maybe our bodies know to fall in a way that may suck for us but best protects our babies.

Once I realized I was ok I felt pretty dumb. I didn’t even trip over my own feet this time (yes that’s actually happened in the past). I’m glad my mom wasn’t there and I didn’t tell her about my fall either. It would only increase the nagging. I had some pain in my joints after, but absolutely no stress to my abdomen. I briefly wore my wrist brace and an ankle sleeve after the fall. The pressure from these felt really good and I already had them on hand.

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