The baby dropped: part 2

So, the baby had previously dropped, but either he has dropped even more or has shifted positions or something because I AM NO LONGER HAPPY ABOUT IT! When the baby first dropped I got really excited and eager for labor to begin. Now I’m dreading it. I really wanted to try giving birth naturally, but honestly, given how I feel at the moment I wouldn’t be surprised if I walk into the hospital and demand an epidural right away. Before, I just had this nonstop constipated feeling but found it easier to breath. Nothing new right? Everyone knows what constipation feels like and therefore knows how to work with it or at least keep calm and go about life as usual. Now, the pressure has shifted forward. Not only that, but it has evolved into pain. It’s not unbearable, but it’s extremely unpleasant. Basically my upper left leg and the front panty area is killing me. I look even more ridiculous when I move now (didn’t even think that was possible). To minimize the pain I’m shuffling my feet and leaning forward slightly in addition to waddling. Tommy even laughed at me last night. If I were him I’d laugh at me too.

Also, wiping after using the bathroom is now basically impossible. Because of a giant tummy and pains in my lower area, I can’t twist and lean the way I used to. I might as well just shower every time I use the toilet. I thought I lived in the bathroom before this happened. Boy was I wrong. This is one of those things that no one told me about before I was pregnant. This and heartburn. Now in addition to worrying about labor pains, I’m also worried about not being able to wipe my own butt during the process as well. I’ve heard that nurses and doctors have seen it all and by the time you’re in labor you just don’t care and want the baby out. Well I’m not in labor yet so unfortunately I do care.


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