Cloth diapering in practice


The cloth diapering has actually gone pretty well! I used to think I would want to wear gloves to change Bash’s poopy diapers. Maybe out of habit since I used to work at a childcare center. But I don’t mind at all. Once you push a bowling ball out of your butt with a bunch of other random bodily fluids in front of a room full of people, not much will bother you.

Anyway, so far the only downside of cloth diapering has been the cleanup, since we have to wash the diapers everyday. However, this only takes about 30 minutes from start to finish, including hanging the diapers up to dry and putting away the diapers from the day before. That being said, if I’m alone and Bash wakes up hungry as I’m washing, I have to stop what I’m doing. A few times it has taken me 3 hours to finish the laundry and hang it up. I’m not actively washing for three hours, but the delay in finishing the diapers means they have less exposure to sunlight. I have a large diaper stash, but it isn’t infinite. Also, on rainy days we keep the drying rack inside so our apartment looks extra messy.

Some pleasant surprises with the cloth diapers have been:

  • They actually get clean when we follow the bucket method from Fluff Love University! I was shocked. Granted, we pre-rinse the poop off of the diapers before tossing them in the bucket, but still. Maybe when Bash starts to eat solid food his poopy diapers will be harder to clean, but for now, the breast milk poops are very manageable.
  • Sunning the clean, wet diapers really does make the poop stains disappear. I read that the sun does this, but seeing it in action was cool.
  • Although the diapers will sometimes leak urine, they have NEVER leaked poo (yet anyway)! And Bash has some pretty large ones. His Grandfather called it an “atomic bomb” when he heard Bash poo and saw it’s size. I know babies get blowouts all of the time in disposable diapers, so hopefully the cloth continues to contain them.
  • Hand washing = Exercise! I wash the diapers with a bucket and plunger. Between diaper laundry and picking up a baby, my arms have gotten way less flabby!
  • Tommy has gotten into it as well. He has his preferences when it comes to which diaper inserts to use and when. The other day he was trying to determine the best way to hang the diapers to minimize drying time. It was amusing!

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