The quickest way to get put in the dog house…

So, I’m sure you all know that if a guy asks his girlfriend if she is PMSing/on her period when she is feeling upset, he might as well dig himself a hole and pull the dirt in on top. I expect that a few men forget this rule from time to time and get in trouble with their significant others. However, my boneheaded husband decided to take it one step further.

I overheard him say to his parents that the baby seems to get 100% full when bottle fed breastmilk and only 80% full when I breastfeed. I struggled for the first month to breastfeed Bash, and I now feed on demand instead of going by the clock (though that would make my life easier). That being said, I am positive he is getting enough to eat.

With the bottle, Bash acts like he’s at a buffet. He overeats, gets uncomfy, and goes into a food coma. With breastfeeding, Bash eats however much he wants and when he wants. Sometimes he wants a full meal and other times he just wants a snack. Frankly, I do this all the time.

Sometimes I find myself with my head in the fridge when I meant to do something else. I eat a bite of something because I want the taste in my mouth then I walk away. Or a sit down at a random time of day to eat a very large meal. Additionally, Bash pees and poops nonstop so he is getting plenty of milk.

Anyway well this incident pissed me off of course. When I was cranky later Tommy asked, “Mary, do you think you have postpartum depression?” WTF!!! I don’t know if he was trying to be funny or what. Some moms get postpartum depression and it’s a serious matter.

I definitely got the baby blues, but I was luck enough to not have postpartum depression. Tommy was there with me half of the times I was given that postpartum depression questionnaire and he heard the doctor say I was fine. Did he pay attention? Probably not. That’s his fault not mine.

Bottom line:

  • Don’t criticize your wife’s breastfeeding, especially when she has struggled with it for over a month. It’s like hearing your wife say you don’t make enough money, drive a janky car, or have a tiny penis.
  • Don’t ask your wife if she has postpartum depression every time she gets angry. I’m sure she got angry at you before the baby arrived for legitimate reasons, and she has every right to feel angry after pushing a bowling ball out of her ass, when all you did was sleep through her labor.

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