Lactation cookie date night


At one point I thought my milk supply was dipping, so I found a recipe online for oatmeal chocolate chip coconut lactation cookies. At first I followed the recipe exactly, which was delicious by the way. When I ran out of coconut I began to make batches with chopped almonds and dried cranberries. Awesome also! Anyway well I thought they were delicious, and so did Tommy. The only time he comes out of his mancave/closet is when he hears noise in the kitchen or smells something delicious.

Well the first couple of times I made them, Tommy said, “ooo cookies” and began munching away. Tommy stopped when I told him they were lactation cookies. But really, the only semi unique ingredient is brewer’s yeast.

While delicious, it is sometimes hard to find the time to make these cookies and clean up all of the dishes after. Plus when you have other people eating them, one batch doesn’t last very long.

For whatever reason (maybe a growth spurt?) Bash was napping every two hours on the dot for about 30 minutes each time. After dinner, Tommy and I took advantage of one of these nap times to whip up a batch of cookies. Although 30 minutes may not seem like much, it was really nice to have some quality time with Tommy. It made the cooking process fun again, and it was a nice way for us to connect. Towards the end the baby started to fidget, so we were scrambling to finish up. I often dread the fidgeting, but when working on a project with Tommy it turned the whole process into a game! During the baby’s next nap, we stuffed our faces with the cookies and some cold milk.


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