Messy eating


Since Bash has started on solids (Gah, I’m not ready!) I’ve tried to let him be as involved as possible with mealtime. I encourage him to help hold his spoon and bring it to his mouth. This often leads to a huge gooey mess. I hate messes because I have to clean them up, but I think it’s important that Bash be allowed to practice feeding himself and to explore the texture of his food.

My family, Tommy’s family, and most surprisingly Tommy himself, are not fans.

One night Bash finished his solids and was getting grumpy. I asked Tommy to take the baby out of his chair and give him some floor time. Tommy then said, “But he’s dirty!”



In my head I got so mad. No shit he’s dirty. Wash him off. Duh! Kids get dirty. It’s just a fact.

I talked to Tommy about it later and he explained that he has an issue with touching messy food. Suddenly things started to make sense. No wonder he sometimes uses a fork and knife to eat a burger or some pizza.

I definitely have a bit of an ick issue with messy foods, but my love of food outweighs that. Tommy’s doesn’t apparently.

Now more than ever I want to let the baby touch his food. I don’t want him to grow up feeling icky around hot wings, and I hope I can slowly get Tommy to overcome his squeamishness as well. I love hot wings, and they are even better when shared with other people!

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