Crockpot meals are a lifesaver!


Before the baby I loved to cook. I wasn’t necessarily very good at it, but I liked to make a variety of things and experiment.

Since Bash arrived, cooking has been nothing but a chore. It takes time to prep, cook the food, and then clean up. Often by the time I’ve managed to do all of that he wakes up or fusses, so my food ends up cold. Honestly sometimes I just skip eating. Definitely not a good idea.

Now that Bash can eat solid foods with some texture, I’ve started to use the crockpot again to make dinner. It’s amazing!

  1. It’s super quick and easy! Just toss everything into the pot and turn it on. Precut and washed veggies make things even easier!
  2. I can fit a lot of food in there for 3 people, so I have enough food for a couple of lunches and dinners. Although it can be a bit sickening to eat the same thing over and over for the next couple of days, the alternative for me is munching on snacks or not eating at all…so I’m not complaining.
  3. The baby can eat exactly what we are eating and HE KNOWS IT! I’m not sure if the flavors are more familiar to him because he gets hints of it through breast milk anyway or if he just likes feeling a part of things. Regardless, he always eats more home cooked food and it makes me want to keep cooking!

The crockpot was helpful during pregnancy when I was feeling tired and wanted to make some freezer meals for after the baby arrived. It’s honestly an even bigger lifesaver now! The recipes are simple and healthy yet very tasty! I can’t wait until Bash is a bit older so he can help me add ingredients to the pot. I hope he grows to love cooking so he can quickly take over that task for me!

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