Sebastian’s First Road Trip

Road poo

We took Sebastian to visit my parents in Northern California this Independence Day. We live in LA, so we seriously considered flying. After thinking about it though, we realized we would have to either check his carseat, buy an extra plane ticket for his carseat, or buy and install a carseat on the other end.

And then to get to the airport, we would either have to get someone else to drive our car, or park at the airport – and LAX’s parking sucks. So we decided to drive. It’s a 5.5 hour drive on a straight shot, but it realistically took us 7 hours with stops and lunch.

On the way up, he slept a bit, then got quite fussy for an hour or two. He finally fell asleep again on the last stretch.

During the weekend at my parents place, Mary kept hoping Sebastian would poop. She was worried he was hoarding it for the road. And she wanted to see him make a mess at her in-laws place anyways.

It was not to be. He didn’t poop until an hour into the trip home. After that, that was a weight off his shoulders, and the baby slept for 80% of the rest of the trip home.

Excellent road trip, would drive again.

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