Thanks again to the hubby

Sebastian has been teething again for the past week or so. His two top front teeth are about to poke through, and he is also beginning to pull up on things and stand. He has been having a harder time falling asleep because of the discomfort, and also wakes up more often to randomly try to stand up in his sleep. As a result, I’ve been getting even less sleep. This not only makes me tired, but I tend to get more physical aches as well. My lower back and right knee started bothering me. Not to mention I just get into a foul mood.

Last night, it took about 2 hours to put Bash to sleep. Tommy helped out a lot, and even made the baby laugh in his sleep by making funny sounds! Tommy encouraged me to sleep as well. It was only 8:45 PM so of course I said no. I wanted to stay awake like a normal person! However, I think I quickly fell asleep. The next thing I remember was Tommy waking me up just enough so I could take my prenatal vitamin and to tell me he had put the leftovers from dinner away in the fridge. I then stayed asleep until 3 AM, when I went to use the bathroom. The baby didn’t fuss until 6:30 in the morning, so I got an awesome amount of rest!

Moreover, I was extremely happy that Tommy did those simple things for me without me asking. Although putting away some food and bringing me my vitamin are very small gestures, they helped me so much that night!

Thank you Tommy for being a wonderful husband and Daddy!


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