Tummy Time Training


Mary has been training the baby with “tummy time”. Like most babies, he spends most of his life on his back. However, for 30 minutes each day, Mary places him on his tummy and lets him struggle.

Mary moves from side to side with a rattle and encourages him to turn his head from side to side. It strengthens his core and neck.

The whole time, she is also talking to the baby and giving him verbal encouragement. He’s only 2 weeks old and already has his own personal trainer. He’s going to be so spoiled.

He is usually “over it” in about 5 minutes and starts to cry though, so Mary has to do it multiple times a day to reach the pediatrician-recommended 30 minutes.

Sebastian’s breastfeeding woes


Sebastian was born on Friday night. On Monday, we took him into the pediatrician for his first visit, and he had lost 10% of his body weight. (Born 7lbs 9oz, went down to 6lbs 12oz).

This was concerning, and indicated that he wasn’t getting enough breast milk. Throughout the first few nights, he was fussy every 15 minutes or so, and we barely got any sleep. The pediatrician (Dr. Janet Ma) recommended that Mary immediately start using the breast pump, measuring both the pumping output, and the drank milk. Quantify, quantify, quantify.

Obviously we were frantic. We went home and I tore the breast pump out of the packaging. I’ve never read the manual for a piece of electronics that quickly before.

After getting it set up, Mary pumped 100mL out of her left breast, and 2mL out of her right. Her breasts were very engorged and painful. We immediately fed Sebastian 7mL, and then 20mL an hour later. Then he chilled out and slept like he’s never slept before. He was literally starving to death the first few days of his life, and this was the first square meal he’d ever gotten.

We continued to marathon feed Sebastian and pump Mary for the next 18 hours.

We had a followup appointment the next day at 11AM. Dr. Ma came into the office specifically to see our baby, so I guess she was as concerned as we were. Thankfully, he had regained a lot of weight and was back at 7lbs 1oz.

And then Mary and I both thanked Jesus. And then I took it back because I believe in Science.

Baby proofing: TV stand / media center

A small sample of the mess of wires.

Before, our TV and (like 10 of) Tommy’s gadgets were on a simple TV stand that Tommy made. It worked very well and didn’t take up much space. The one problem: the massive amount of wires behind it – so I put a piece of black cloth between the two boards on the bottom to hide them. My mind felt so much better!

With a baby on the way, however, all of our things were still too accessible. I found a used media cabinet on craigslist for $40 (an Ikea Benno model). Although it is larger than our old stand, particular in width, it contains all of our gadgets nicely. We can even fit a computer inside! Now the last step we need to take is to secure the doors and the TV. I think the best solution will be to get one of those magnetic locks for the doors.

Our “new” TV stand.

I didn’t want to get rid of the media stand that Tommy had built since it was still in perfect condition and holds some sentimental value. On Pinterest I saw a lot of ways in which people turned old bookcases into storage benches, and thought that would be the best use for this stand. While at the 99 cent store with my mom, I bought 2 bath mats and a fleece blanket (each was $2). I used the bath mats as a simple cushion and wrapped the fleece blanket around them as a cover. At first I tried to Velcro the mat edges down, but I quickly realized the adhesive was not strong enough to hold. However, the mats have non-slip material on the bottom and I just tucked the one edge of the mat between the bench and the wall to help keep it in place. Now we have more seating for our apartment and a shelf to store baby items that we plan on using in the living room.

Our storage bench!