Our newest gadget: The diaper sprayer!

The first question I get asked when cloth diapering is, “How do you clean the poop off?!” Frankly, it was the first question I used to ask cloth diapering families also. A diaper sprayer is basically a hose that you can hook up to your toilet to help spray the poop off of cloth diapers when your baby starts eating solid food. Although breast milk poop may seem like a mustardy, cottage cheesy mess, it’s actually super easy to clean because it is water soluble. Once you introduce solids it becomes a stinky, peanut buttery explosion that will clog up your washing machine or drains. Therefore you should start spraying the poop into the toilet.

20160528_164945I’ve wanted a diaper sprayer since Bash was born, but Tommy always said no. I attempted to use our shower head but had zero success. Only when Tommy had to clean off Bash’s poops did he order me a sprayer. OMG THIS SPRAYER IS AMAZING!!! I was a bit worried that the pressure on the sprayer wouldn’t be powerful enough to get rid of the peanut butter poops. This thing obliterates it! I was extremely happy, not only with the results but with Tommy as well…he is so impressed by this gadget that he actually wants to clean off the poopy diapers!20160528_164941

The one downside at first was the back splash. Because the sprayer is so powerful, it tends to cover you in poopy water. I don’t want to just transfer the poop from the diapers to my clothes. A spray pal was out of our budget after buying the sprayer, so we made our own out of a small trashcan and a binder clip. Tommy drilled some large holes in the bottom of the can so the water could flow out as we sprayed the diaper over the toilet. It works pretty well and solves the back splash issue.

Before my son I thought I would want to wear gloves to change his poopy diapers. I mean, I did that every time at work as a toddler teacher. Now I’m entertained as I blast the poop away with the diaper sprayer. It’s kind of sad, but becoming a parent will do that to you I guess.



Our overbooked day

On Saturday we had plans for my family to come over for dinner. That was it. Since Tommy was home I wanted to go out somewhere with him and the baby. Somewhere I usually wouldn’t go without another adult’s help.

Well, we decided to just go to the park and then to Costco. When we arrived at the park, one of Tommy’s friends invited us to the beach later that afternoon. Tommy quickly replied yes. It was a chance for him to see his friends, I would get to go on a nice car ride, and it would be the baby’s first time at the beach.


Now suddenly every minute of our day was filled with activities. Park, Costco, beach, family dinner.

After Costco, we went home to unload the groceries and prep for the beach. We were supposed to leave at 1 in order to meet up with Tommy’s friends around 2. Well, we didn’t leave our apartment until 2. And of course there was epic traffic along the way. About 10 minutes into the trip we were both pretty upset. No one likes traffic, especially Tommy, and I hate being late. The baby was awake and “singing” at the top of his lungs. I’m really glad I brought the spare bottle of pumped milk with me!


When arrived at the beach at 3, we couldn’t find street parking so we ended up paying $14 to park in the lot. In order to get back home in time we would need to leave by 5PM. Basically we would be driving the same amount of time in traffic as spent at the beach. Tommy was fuming. I was too. But the baby had fallen asleep and we were about to see other people who were probably having a good time and wouldn’t want to be brought down. I said something along the lines of, “We’re here. We’re all safe. It’s done. Let’s just try to enjoy ourselves.”

And we did 🙂

IMG_20160604_203946On the way home we encountered even more traffic, but because we were in good spirits the time seemed to fly by. Bash slept the entire way home. We saw a firetruck and I said I thought being the rear driver would be a cool job. Tommy was amazed that there were 2 drivers! I guess you are never too old to learn something new! We reached home just in time for dinner and the baby was all smiles when my family came over.


It turned out to be a great day.

Tommy’s paternity leave

Just go back to work already!

So we are really lucky that Tommy gets a great deal of time off for paternity leave.

However, every time Tommy is off we are usually fighting the first couple of days.

Why? Well because with Tommy it’s like having another child. A messier, whiny-er, and less cute child.

For example, this round of paternity leave, on the first day, Tommy criticized how I was cleaning our cloth diapers. (Because Bash is starting solid foods his poop consistency has changed, so I have to clean his diapers a bit differently now). After the diaper laundry, Tommy complained that he was tired. WTF. Then, he wanted lunch. But he needed something with meat. Not to mention he leaves his socks and dirty cups in random places. Good grief.

So we got into a fight. I was definitely more crabby, and Tommy of course got extra mad because I was a crab. It’s a change in both of our routines, so we need to adjust. We discussed the matter and decided that I would give Tommy specific tasks to be responsible for during his leave. As long as the outcome was good, I wouldn’t harass him on how he accomplished it, and vice versa. Since then everything has been going smoother.

Babyproofing: My favorite couch went away

IMG_20160422_092940 (2)

Mary made me get rid of my favorite couch – my futon couch made of solid wood. It folded down awesome for sleeping guests. It was awesome.

But the slats and sliding mechanism didn’t seem the most baby safe. And I can’t argue with that logic. So it had to go.

Ultimately, we ended up replacing it with a new couch that seems somewhat safer. Probably. I miss my old couch.